Shyamal Sinha

What is it that discards the bulleteers from the rest?? is it the thump? is it the pace? is it the machine? no its none of these!! one will be glad to know that the reason one rides a bullet is the sheer feel of freedom, you are not this close to nature, you are a part of it. if it rains you get wet, if its sunny you sweat, if its snowing you feel the chill. ring any bells?? you now got my point right!! the thing that discards the bulleteers from the rest, is the feel of riding a bullet,the feel of tar on your tyre, the feel of fresh air through your nostrils, the feel of your hair flying in the air. This is freedom!! The feeling of freedom is what a bullet gives and that what none other can do.


hi all, i am shyamal, i am a proud inddiethumper, have been in this club since i knew and valued riding, and to add to it the club has showed and taught me what it means to be on the road. I joined the club as an amateur rider who knew nothing about the bullet and nothing about the mechs on the bike, and obviously nothing about this beautiful country i was about to explore. After the club came to my life,i grew from a timid guy to a wild biker, this reincarnation took some time but as a matter of fact, i made some mad friends on road, ate some amazing food from different parts of the country and most of all explored this amazing country. I feel so proud of being an Indian, India being a huge sub continent is enriched with amazing weather conditions, starting from Summer,winter,monsoon and spring!! now u know how lucky we are? I am a bombaite and had never seen snow except on TV, it was my dream to play with snow and of course ride on snow,i achieved my dream when i rode to ladakh in 2007.

we inddiethumpers are blessed with some amazing beaches across maharashtra,goa and gujarat. i have ridden to some of the maddest and unexplored beaches across these states and i know that i aint seen nothing yet, many more places are yet to be discovered are not yet on my map. i know it might sounds funny but yeah, my dream is to explore the whole of india on my crazy bike. Speaking of which, the culture of riding bullet across the country is not something new, its been there since royal enfield has been in india, i am just another rider who has this dream, i know of many who have achieved this already.

Apart from this, rider mania has changed my friend circle, every time i ride to RM, i meet old friends and make new ones!! how coooool is that? Just imagine!! all the bullet clubs across India, gather up for this festival called Rider Mania, Riders across the country come with full swing and one gets to see the different riding cultures, radically modified bikes, mad n fat bikers,tattoos,and above all this an event held with epic proportion.

I have ridden to some amazing places in this country and am hungry for more, i know this hunger will never die and this is how i have changed from a commuter to an INDDIETHUMPER!!




Life on 2 wheelz, Is the Life to be!!
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