Club Guidlines

  • As a member you are expected to respect the colors which you are wearing and should be proud of our Club Heritage at all times.
  • We are here to ride not to make money. There is no membership fee.
  • Should follow all the rules and regulation laid under the Indian Motor Vehicle Act.
  • Club meets and members inputs help us improve the way we function. It’s important that members attend club meets.
  • A member needs to do 3 (three) overnight Club rides apart from the anniversary ride to retain your membership. Members who have been regularly riding with the club for more than 5 years and those members who are currently located out of station will not be compelled to follow this. However they need to be active on the club forum and contribute to the club in any way possible.
  • We do not support riding under any kind of intoxication. If caught the member will expelled immediately.
  • Contraband’s are banned in any kind of club related activity.
  • Full faced helmets, jacket (preferably riding gear), full length pants/jeans, and boots for the rider and the pillion and crash guards and mirrors on the bikes are compulsory on rides.
  • As a Thumper we do not encourage you to be a member of other bullet motorcycling clubs in the country causing any dual membership issues or conflicts. Every club has their own culture and understanding about riding with other clubs and as a Thumper we respect that code.(This is not a rule……it’s just a Thumper pact we all chose to abide by).
  • You are free to attend, ride and participate in events related to other bullet / motorcycling clubs. Display your club colors proudly whenever you choose to do so.
  • Members are advised and expected not to attend, ride and participate in events with those entities (club or individual) that do not respect our club & club guidelines and try to hamper our club image / members.
  • As Inddiethumpers we do not demean our own or any other clubs or their members. We live the code of brotherhood across the biking community.
  • In case any member is trying to create unrest within the club the moderator has the rights to expel him/her.
  • Moderator’s decision is the final decision.

In case you do have any doubts or clarifications in the above, please get in touch with the moderators.


Keep Riding…Keep Thumping…


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