Dilip Sawant aka Kaka

My Bullet makes life worth living
My Bike – Royal Enfield Bullet Electra (Red Hawk)

Though I rode a Yezdi for 14 odd years, I lived with a buzzword “Buy Late, but Bullet”. The 14-years exile ended by me getting a bull within a month. Just couldn’t believe it!!

Thanks to Zenosh, the Inddiethumpers and the irresistible riding force for making life worth living. First ride, the second ride and thereafter ride after ride clocking 10,000 plus kms; it was like I am on a mission. Initially the dream was for Ladakh and that’s the reason I joined the club. God, I must go there!! But I am changing; I will do more small rides than doing one big ride. Yes, Ladakh and Tibet are one of the journeys but surely not the destinations. Just waiting for the day to come when I play a melody on my guitar with my Red Hawk’s thump.

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