Vishakh Narkar aka Shark

I wouldn’t say that it was love at first sight or second or even third. It all started with the challenge that one of my friend had put in front of me. I remember when I asked my friend if I could ride his bullet which was a white std 350; and his words, I correctly remember were….”Abey tu chala payega kya???”

To be honest those were the words which I would say inspired me to learn to ride a bullet.

Firstly I bought and then learned to ride the bullet. Saw a group of bikers at one of the event going dugdugdug… on their bullet….their jackets read “Inddie Thumpers”. And that was it…ki…sala ride karna hai to inke saath……

eventually joined the Club and did my first club ride to Malshej Ghat…. and thats how the journey began. .. ..tar, cement, sand,mud,razer sharp turns.doin all terrains. ….

sooner i felt less power on my 350 cdi electra (greedy ;p) and i bought an AVL 500 ahh!!! and i just love to ride this beasty machine, If u really know what i am talking about.. and the journey continues with a Thumper patch in my heart… Shark

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